Why Believe In Jesus?

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What is a miracle?

Just as people say the word "pray" when they really mean something like "hope" or "wish", the word miracle is often used to describe an extremely unlikely but fortunate event. The definition of a miracle though is something which has been brought about by God contrary to the laws of nature.

The Bible records many miracles in both the Old and the New Testament and in all cases they show God's supreme power. An example of a miracle in the Old Testament would be the parting of the Red Sea to let Moses and his followers cross. But miracles in the New Testament were mainly done by Jesus to show that He was no ordinary man, but the Son of God.

The miracles of Jesus

Jesus heals the sick

Miracles over the forces of nature

Sometimes Jesus performed a miracle which went against a force of nature, for example the wind. Here are all such miracles as recorded by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John:




Calming the storm

Jesus and his disciples got into a boat and Jesus took a nap. A terrible storm arose and the disciples woke him so he could save them. Jesus then told the storm to abate, which it did. The disciples were amazed.

Matt 8:23-27

Mark  4:37-41

Luke 8:22-25

Walking on water

Jesus’ disciples waited for him in a boat as he went away to pray. He walked back to them across the surface of the sea. Until they recognised him, the disciples thought he was a ghost. Peter asked if he could walk out to Jesus on the sea, then did so but began to sink when he lost faith.

Matt 14:25

Mark 6:48-51

John 6:19-21

Feeding of the 5000

A huge crowd was following Jesus and they needed food but only a boy came forward with five loaves and two fish. Jesus performed a miracle so that the food multiplied until it was enough for everyone to eat until they were full and still have twelve baskets left over.

Matt 14:15-21

Mark 6:35-44

Luke 9:12-17

John 6:5-13

Feeding of the 4000

A huge crowd had not eaten for three days and Jesus fed them all by making enough food from seven loaves and a few small fish. There were seven baskets left over afterwards.

Matt 15:32-38

Mark 8:1-9

Coin in the fish’s mouth

Jesus told a tax collector he would find a shekel in the mouth of the next fish he caught.

Matt 17:24-27

Fig tree withered

On seeing a fig tree by the side of the road, Jesus saw it had only leaves on it but no figs and he cursed it so that it withered.

Matt 21:18-22

Mark 11:12-14, 20-26

Catch of fish

Jesus got into Simon’s boat and taught from it. Afterwards he told Simon to let down the fishing net. Simon protested saying they had caught nothing all evening, but nevertheless he let down the net. They caught so many fish that the net almost broke.

Luke 5:1-11

Water turned into wine

At a wedding party, Mary (the mother of Jesus) came and told Jesus that they’d run out of wine. Jesus told the servants at the party to fill the wine jars with water but when they were poured out, the water had become wine.

John 2:1-11

(Another) catch of fish

Jesus asked the disciples how their fishing was going, but they hadn’t caught any fish. On telling them to let the net down the right side of the boat, the suddenly caught too many to haul in.

John 21:1-11

Bringing the dead back to life

 While some are sceptical of miracles regarding health or nature, which can be attributed in some cases to extreme coincidence, the same line of argument cannot be used for bringing the dead back to life. Jesus rose three people from the dead, as explained by the gospel writers:




Jairus’ daughter

A ruler called Jairus came up to Jesus and informed him that his daughter was close to death but Jesus could make her live. Jesus went to her and when he arrived, he told everyone there that she was just sleeping. They laughed at him, but he told her to get up and she did so.

Matt 9:18-19, 23-25

Mark 5:22-24, 38-42

Luke 8:41-42, 49-56

Widow’s son at Nain

A man who had died was being carried out of Nain. His widowed mother came along too. Jesus told her not to weep and then told her dead son to get up. He did so and everyone was amazed and frightened.

Luke 7:11-15


Lazarus of Bethany was ill and died but so that witnesses might believe Jesus was the Messiah, he went to the tomb where Lazarus had been buried four days before. He ordered the stone to be rolled away and told Lazarus to come out. Still wrapped up in burial clothes, Lazarus emerged.

John 11:1-44

But Jesus himself was also raised to life following his crucifixion. This is called the Resurrection, and is the main focus of the Christian faith.