Why Believe In Jesus?

Discovering the fundamentals of Christianity!


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Reply Whybelieveinjesus
11:49 AM on January 13, 2018 
So you are looking at the Sermon on the Mount? Doesn't Jesus turn some popular attitudes completely on their heads? I think this part of the gospel is so key to understanding the rest of it. Hope you are finding the other materials you have interesting and helpful too. Thank you also for visiting my website; hope you have found it useful with your journey with Jesus.
Reply Joseph E. Perry
2:11 PM on January 4, 2018 
I found you , by accident? I have created a book mark and return next week. I am in the middle of a section of a Study I am doing of Matthew 5-7. I'm not sure what I will do with it when complete. I have just started reading Augustine's The New Testament I & II and wish I had obtained a copy years ago. I find it quite refreshing and fulfilling reading opinions and explanations of others. (It is even better when they agree with me.)
Reply santha kumar
1:14 PM on June 25, 2012 
I love this site which is helpful to understand christianity. Thanks a lot.
Reply Graham
3:19 PM on June 20, 2012 
Up until fairly recently I've never really been a firm believer in religion of any form. I've always believed science to be the one truth. That is until I spoke to a friend a while ago who posed questions to me I've asked myself before and ignored but this time (hearing it from someone else) it gave me food for thought. That gave me the curiosity to do a little research and how I came across his site. The page on science and religion made me realise what I guess I'd actually known but ignored all along. By reading the parts about asking 'why things were created' and not just 'how' made me realise that there is something more. For this I'd like to thank you for showing me the way and awakening me from my ignorance. :)
Reply santha kumar
10:34 AM on May 20, 2012 
Reply santha kumar
9:34 AM on February 6, 2012 
Reply jancir franco
12:30 PM on January 6, 2012 
I believe in Jesus, amen.
Reply quinton
7:10 PM on November 22, 2011 
when i grow up i want to show my kids to be good
Reply John TIllman
7:56 PM on September 5, 2011 
God bless this website. We must ask yourselves all the time: What is a Christian?
Reply John TIllman
7:55 PM on September 5, 2011 
God bless this website. We must ask yourselves all the time:What is a Christian?